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Werner Flow 85/95 - Carbon Blend

The Werner Flow has an extremely light, buoyant feel for effortless forward strokes. It is a versatile use paddle that is at home surfing, touring, or paddling down the river. The long, slender shape of the Flow blade has a gentle catch for less fatigue while paddling. The carbon blend shaft has a 10 degree blade offset to keep the blade more vertical through the power phase of the stroke.
• Mid-size, elongated blade has a gentle catch for high cadence paddling
• Improved straight ahead efficiency
• ABS Palm-style grip for a good fit and controlled strokes
• 10 degree blade and shaft offset for more during your stroke

Available in 85sq in or 95 sq in blade sizes.

Additional Desc: Cut to your desired length

Size: 1-piece Uncut
Price: $269.00

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