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Werner Soul

The Werner Soul Adjustable 2-Piece Stand-Up Paddle uses a very lightweight and buoyant fiberglass blade with a foam core for a more effortless and efficient paddle stroke. The foam core floats the blade at the end of the stroke so it pops out of the water, requiring minimal effort to pull it up and swing the paddle back around. The blade's stiff and lightweight fiberglass outer material and progressive rectangular shape provide excellent and consistent power transfer, and the narrower blade shape makes it possible to paddle closer to the board for improved efficiency and comfort. The high-performance carbon fiber and fiberglass shaft is also very lightweight and efficient, and works together with the buoyant blade to help you go faster and farther with less fatigue.

Additional Desc: Available in 3 adjustable sizes

Size: 70-77.5", 74-81.5", 80-87.5"
Price: $309.00
Sale Price: $249.00

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