Touring and Race Boards

If you are looking for the ultimate glide a touring board is for you. These boards are generally thicker and have a displacement style hull and pointed nose. This design feature allows the board to slice easily through the water and makes it considerably more efficient. These boards tend to track straight very well but don’t turn as quickly as an all-around style board. Touring boards are very stable and generally have plenty of width for even beginner paddlers. Although generally more pricey they are usually made with high quality lightweight construction. A touring board is the ultimate lake and cruising board for putting in lots of relaxing miles with less effort.

Stand up paddle board
  • 14'0" Surftech Bark Dominator Pro-Elite
  • Designed and shaped by probably the worlds best shaper, Joe Bark, the Dominator is the ‘practical’ distance and race board. Light and responsive, this downwind and flat water model is suited to novice and expert paddlers alike. Sleek, stable and quick, with a width of 27.5 inches, and weighing in at 27 lbs the Dominator is Joe’s most popular Stand Up board. Comes only in Eilte construction with partial carbon fiber. A proven winner.

    Size: 14’0″
    Price: $2,415.00
    Sale Price: $1599.00

Stand up paddle board
  • 14'0" Bic C-Tec Tracer
  • BIC SUP’s new TRACER series (“Touring-Racer”) excels as both a performance race board and an all-purpose touring board. Designed for riders who want speed and glide as well as comfort and stability, these new shapes are heavily influenced by the RACE-PRO series of high performance racing machines and the award winning WING Touring series (lauded for their stability and ease of use). Utilizing epoxy resin and Innegra-Carbon weave fabric throughout the board results in high durability as well as light weight and exceptional stiffness. Features include a recessed ‘dished’ ergonomic paddling deck, Multiple deck attachment points to add deck-bungee for securing gear and an included premium 9″ Fiberglass Touring fin.  14′ x 28″ for paddlers up to 240lbs.

    Size: 14’0″
    Price: $1999.95

Stand up paddle board
  • 11'4" Surftech Chameleon Tekefx Hybrid Touring
  • The all-new 2017 Chameleon TEKefx Stand Up Paddleboard bridges the gap from recreation paddling to adventure touring. This hybrid design combines a displacement nose with a flotation hull to create a board that is exceptionally stable yet still has drive of a true touring board. Designed for the enthusiast who wants to do more than just go for a casual paddle, the Chameleon SUP will advance with your ability. Built in their new TEKefx construction utilizing sandwich molded high quality bamboo veneer and fiberglass, includes 4 deck tie downs, ledge handle and 3/4 deck pad.  31″ wide

    Size: 11’4″
    Price: $1199.00

Stand up paddle board
  • 11'6" and 12'6" Surftech Saber
  • The all-new Saber Coretech Stand Up Paddleboard is the next step in the evolution of touring SUP Boards, featuring a progressive outline with a concaved deck area, a 3/4 deck pad, and 4 forward tie downs to hold all your gear. The surf-inspired shape and rocker make it easy to catch small waves, but still has enough volume to cruise flat-water with ease. This SUP is perfect for those looking to get into touring mode, cruise down the river, pack a dry bag and go explore the lakes, or paddle up the coast.  11’6″ is 29″ wide.

    Size: 11’6″ or 12’6″
    Price: $1199.00/$1299.00

Stand up paddle board
  • 11'6" Surftech Escape TEKefx
  • Excellent in both chop and flatwater, the Sport Touring TEKefx is ready for whatever our excursion entails. With good stability, glide, efficiency and speed, it has outstanding ocean performance, but would also be fitting for a smoother day on the lake. TEKefx has vibrant graphics, classic bamboo veneer, and a high gloss finish that keeps this board looking good over time. The included tie-downs can secure all your gear, so pack it up and go spend the entire day on the water.

    Size: 11’6″
    Price: $1499.00
    Sale Price: $1199.00

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