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Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Acadia

Welcome to Acadia Stand Up Paddle Boarding. The beautiful waters in and around Acadia National Park await you. We are proud to be the only local destination for stand up paddle board lessons, rentals, tours, and yoga classes. We also sell a wide array of paddle boards, accessories, and beach apparel from our downtown Bar Harbor shop.

Stand up paddle boarding or "SUP" is fun, is easy to learn, and is an amazing core/full body workout. Most beginners are standing up and paddling in less than 30 minutes! It can be done virtually anywhere there is water and Mount Desert Island is one of the top paddling destinations in the entire country.  With its beautiful pristine lakes, and island studded bays there is something for everyone. 

Our lessons, tours, and yoga classes take place on calm protected waters on local lakes (many secluded and off the beaten path) as well as in the the calm bays and harbors.  We have the ability to vary our lesson location to meet the needs of our clients as well as find the best spot for the days weather and tide conditions.  Guided sessions are the perfect option for every ability level and can be custom designed to meet your needs and goals.

We also offer rentals for anything from a half day to a full week.  Most people take their rental boards to one of a couple beautiful lake locations on the island but for those more experienced there are some wonderful shoreline areas around the island just begging to be explored.  If its your first time or you haven't been paddling for a long time, we offer guided trips daily.  Our professional instructors will bring all the equipment to the beach for you and you can feel comfortable knowing that safety is our first priority.

Paddle Board Lessons

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Paddle Board Rentals

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